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  • 1 Tokyo Metropolitan University Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Fukasawa 158 Setagaya, Tokyo Japan
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Emission Mössbauer spectra of mixedvalence trinuclear complexes,57Co-labelled [CoFe2O(CH3CO2)6(H2O)3] and [CoFe2O(CH3CO2)6 (py)3]py were compared with that of [CoCr2O(CH3CO2)6 (py)3]py. It was found that the57Fe atoms produced in57Co-labelled [CoFe2O(CH3CO2)6(H2O)3] and [CoFe2O(CH3CO2)6 (py)3]py showed a temperature-dependent mixed-valence state as observed in the absorption Mössbauer spectra of [Fe3O(CH3CO2)6 (H2O)3] and [Fe3O(CH3CO2)6 (py)3]py, respectively, while57Co-labelled [CoCr2O(CH3CO2)6 (py)3]py showed a temperature-independent divalent iron/II/ state. The results indicate that the decayed atoms keep their position at the sites of original57Co atoms and that the valence electrons are transferred through the intramolcular bondings.