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  • 1 Universidad de la República Cétedra de Química Inorgánica Ćasilla de Correo 1157 Montevideo Uruguay
  • 2 Universidad de la República Cátedra de Radioquímica, Facultad de Química Ćasilla de Correo 1157 Montevideo Uruguay
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Electrolytic pertechnetate reduction at inert electrodes was studied as an alternative procedure for synthesizing Tc complexes. Pertechnetate reduction was carried out in aqueous media using different aminated ligands /en, dien, trien and 1,3-dap/ forming [TcO2/amine/2]+ type complexes. Simultaneously with synthesis of the desired Tc complex, TcO2 was electrodeposited onto the cathode. Conversion of TcO 4 to Tc complex and TcO2 was studied as a function of several variables /kind and concentration of supporting electrolyte, ligand concentration, pH, current and electrolysis time/.