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  • 1 The University of Tokyo Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Hongo 113 Tokyo Japan
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The57Fe Mössbauer spectra were measured in mixed crystals with different types of chemical bonding and crystal structure, i.e., (Fe,Al)(acac)3, (Fe,Co)(acac)3, K3[(Fe,Al)(ox)3]3H2O, and NH4(Fe,Al)(SO4)212H2O. The broadening of Mössbauer linewidth with increasing Fe3+–Fe3+ distance became less enhanced in the order: (Fe,Al)(acac)3>(Fe,Co)(acac)3, or K3[(Fe,Al)(ox)3]3H2O>(Fe,Al)(acac)3>NH4(Fe,Al)(SO4)212H2O. Furthermore, it was found that the broadening of the linewidth was larger in neat tris (-diketonato) iron(III) complexes than in (Fe,Al)(acac)3. Based on these results, the determining factors of the paramagnetic relaxation time other than Fe3+–Fe3+ distance and temperature were examined in terms of the Mössbauer linewidth as an indicator.