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  • 1 Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Department of Analytical Chemistry ul. Dorodna 16 03-195 Warszawa Poland
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A new method for the selective radiochemical separation of cadmium from other elements, present in biological materials, using amphoteric ion exchange resin Retardion 11A8 has been elaborated. Cadmium can be taken up by the resin either as anionic chloride complexes or cationic ammine complexes, depending on the composition of the eluent, exploiting both cation and anion exchange functions of the ion exchanger. The conditions in which Cd is quantitatively retained and eluted from Retardion 11A8 were established. The method of selective isolation of cadmium was further used for the determination of Cd in three biological certified reference materials by neutron activation analysis. Analytical results obtained with the use of the proposed separation procedure show good agreement with the certified values.