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Except for conditions of low acidity and low ratios of di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid (HDEHP) to U(VI) the data obtained for the distribution of U(VI) between sulfuric acid solutions and polyurethane foams loaded with solutions of HDEHP in nitrobenzene could be analyzed by the equation: log (4.36 Du)=log K+1.43 log (Cd–4Cu)/(CH)1.4+log fu where the polymerization number of HDEHP is about 2.8, Du is the distribution ratio, and fu=[UO 22+ ](aq)/[UO2](aq) indicating that the extraction proceeds via the formation of a 14 UO2:HDEHP complex. At both low acidity and HDEHP/U(VI) ratio a UO2-HDEHP polymer is formed.