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  • 1 University of Poona Department of Chemistry 411 007 Pune (India)
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Gamma-radiolysis of alkaline binary mixtures of nitrate-alcohol (1-propanol and 1-butanol) has been investigated at a fixed pH of 12. The products of radiolysis, mainly nitrite, aldehyde and hydrogen peroxide were estimated. Also the effect of concentration of each species present in the mixture on the G-values of the products formed has been examined. The G-values of each of the products are found to be lower in basic medium in binary mixtures as compared to those obtained at neutral pH; other conditions being kept constant. However, the yields of products in nitrate solutions show higher values at basic pH in comparison with their counterparts at neutral pH. Results are explained on the basis of reaction mechanism that operates during the process of radiolysis, leading to the formation of the different products.