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  • 1 Ravishankar University Department of Chemistry 492 010 Raipur (India)
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A new and simple method for selective spectrophotometric determination of uranium(VI) with 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol (PAR) and N-octylacetamide into benzene over pH 7.0–9.0 is described. The molar absorptivity of the complex with 9 different amides is in the range of (0.40–3.2)·104 1·mol–1·cm–1 at the absorption maximum. Out of these, the most sensitive compound N-octylacetamide (OAA) was chosen for detailed studies in the present investigation. The detection limit of the method is 0.008 g U·ml–1. The system obeys Beer's law in the range of 0–5 g U·ml–1. The method is free from interferences of most of the common metal ions except vanadium(V) and copper(II), which are masked by proper masking agents. The composition of the complex is determined by curve-fitting method. The method has been applied for the recovery of the metal from rock samples and synthetic mixtures.