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  • 1 Berhampur University Nuclear Chemistry Section, Department of Chemistry 760 007 Berhampur Orissa (India)
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Solid phase oxidation of iodide ion by bromate, chlorate and perchlorate has been investigated at different temperatures. The bromate-iodide oxidation with equimolecular mixture is independent of temperature. The period of half-oxidation is limited to 5 minutes. Gamma-radiation has no significant effect on the temperature independence of the oxidation process of this particular composition, although delayed oxidation appears with irradiated mixtures. With increase of bromate, the iodide is completely oxidized and the rate is dependent on temperature. However, with chlorate and perchlorate, there is no prescription of composition for oxidation with 11 mixture. The reaction proceeds with an appreciable oxidation. The rate increases with the temperature and goes to completion. In the case of irradiated mixtures delayed oxidation appears. The kinetics of iodide ion oxidation follows conventional first order.