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  • 1 Tohoku University Laboratory of Nuclear Science Mikamine, Taihaku 982 Sendai (Japan)
  • 2 Tohoku University Institute for Materials Research Katahira 980 Aoba, Sendai (Japan)
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Multielement determinations of coal fly ashes (NIST SRM-1633a and BCR CRM-38) have been carried out by instrumental photon activation analysis using 30 MeV bremsstrahlung and the internal standard method coupled with the standard addition method. In these determinations, some major and minor constituent elements in the samples were properly used as effective internal standards. As a result, it was demonstrated that concentrations of 18 elements were determined accurately and precisely. Furthermore, a similar multielement determination has also been examined using 20 MeV bremsstrahlung. In this case, it was proved that better results can be achieved, because all interfering reactions were eliminated completely.