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  • 1 Delft University of Technology Interfaculty Reactor Institute Mekelweg 15 2629 JB Delft (The Netherlands)
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An alternative convention for use in the k0-method describing the (n, )-reaction rate upon reactor neutron irradiation has been derived by dividing the cross-section in a (v)=0v0/v part and a pure resonance integral, instead of splitting up the neutron spectrum. It describes the (n, )-reactions with the Westcott factor g(T)1 but without resonances below 0.35 eV, and should yield better results for those with resonances below this limit. The resulting formulas are simpler than the ones currently used. An important practical aspect of this new convention is that no irradiations under Cd-cover are needed to determine the parameters to be used in the k0-method. The parameters determined previously for (n, )-reactions with g(T)=1 can still be used.