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  • 1 University of Missouri Research Reactor 65211 Columbia Missouri (USA)
  • | 2 University of Missouri Department of Nuclear Engineering 65211 Columbia Missouri (USA)
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A rectilinear scanner has been constructed which incorporates high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy. This scanner was built to simultaneously image the distributions of multiple gamma-emitting radionuclides in small animals, such as rabbits and rats. The instrument design is described, followed by studies of the Ge(Li) detector response and calibration tests of a single straight-hole collimator. Based on these results, two new collimators were designed and constructed; (1) a six tapered-hole focusing collimator and (2) a nine straight-hole focusing collimator. These new collimators are advantageous because they offer an increased efficiency of gamma-ray detection during scanning. They also give better image resolution in the differentiation of two points (or organs) on a plane. The results of the calibration tests and comparisons of the resolution and efficiency among collimators are illustrated and discussed.