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  • 1 Tajura Nuclear Researche Center Tripoli (Libya)
  • | 2 Institute of Physical Chemistry of Acad. Sci. USSR Leninski prospect 117 915 31 Moscow (USSR)
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The sorption behavior of the pertechnetate anion in various solid-solution systems under aerobic conditions and pH 1.3–12.5 has been investigated. Batch techniques were employed. On most of natural minerals only surface adsorption occurs. Rs-values were no larger than 2.0 ml · g–1. Adsorption on various natural minerals and rocks such as sandstone, basalt, granite, pyrite, peat and others are comparaed with the analogous processes on artificial inorganic sorbents: titanium oxides (thermoxide-34, thermoxide-3), crystaline cadmium sulfide, zirconium phosphate, and complex inorganic sorbents: antimony oxide — silicon oxide — phosphorus pentoxide, antimony oxide — silicon oxide — aluminium oxide, lithium oxide — manganese oxide — aluminium oxide — water, lithium oxide — titanium oxide —chromium oxide — water. For comparison the sorption of Tc on some organic sorbents was included. The solubility of Tc2S7 in water was measured to be 0.257 g/l. It has been shown that preliminary irradiation of sorbents such as sandstone, peat and humic acid by -rays with doses not less than 107 rad results in the decrease of Tc(VII) sorption.