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  • 1 IAEA Agency's Laboratories A-2444 Seibersdorf (Austria)
  • 2 Academy of Mining and Metallurgy Institute of Physics and Nuclear Techniques Al. Mickiewicza 30 Pl-30-059 Cracow Poland
  • 3 University of Khartoum Department of Physics P.O. Box 321 Khartoum Sudan
  • 4 University of DSM Department of Physics P.O. Box 35063 Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania
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Problems connected with quantitative EDXRF analysis of intermediate thickness samples are addressed. The first one is a systematic study of the various contributions to the total error of the E-T method. Special attention is also given to the enhancement effect for intermediate thickness samples; in this context both monochromatic and bichromatic approaches are adapted to a known theoretical model.