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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Analytical Chemistry Division, Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Bidhan Nagar 700 064 Calcutta (India)
  • 2 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Analytical Chemistry Division 400 085 Bombay (India)
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40 MeV -particles have been used to determine oxygen impurity at ppm levels in silicon, copper, and stainless steel, through the radiochemical separation of18F from the matrix. The separation of18F has been carried out by two techniques, viz.(1) distillation of H2SiF6 and (2) precipitation of KBF4 and some modification has been applied in the separation, depending on the nature of interferences from the matrix. Instrumental approach was also carried out to determine the oxygen impurity at 100 ppm in Si matrix because this approach is not possible in Cu and stainless steel samples due to matrix activity.