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  • 1 Technical University Department of Physical Chemistry Budapest (Hungary)
  • 2 Chinoin Medical Factory Budapest (Hungary)
  • 3 Federal Research Center for Food Reservation Institute of Radiation Technology Karlsruhe GFR
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For the selective removal of the matrix activity (24Na,32P and42K) in the neutron activation analysis of biomedical samples the inorganic separators “hydrated antimony pentoxide”, zirconium phosphate, and titanium phosphate were prepared. The sorption parameters of the samples were determined via elution chromatography techniques, with appropriate tracers. The basic principles of the sorption processes were investigated, and the experimental conditions were optimized. These inorganic separators were then applied, combined with a distillation procedure and an ion-exchange separation, for the determination of the following trace elements in animal blood samples: Mn, Co, Cu, Fe and Zn.