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  • 1 Oregon State University Department of Chemistry 97331 Corvallis OR USA
  • | 2 Studsvik Neutron Research Laboratory Nyköping Sweden
  • | 3 Chalmers University of Technology Department of Nuclear Chemistry S-412 96 Göteborg Sweden
  • | 4 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Nuclear Science Division 94720 Berkeley CA USA
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The use of radioanalytical techniques to study heavy ion induced nuclear reactions offers some distinct advantages over conventional physical techniques. Among these are (a) unit Z and A resultion in detecting the reaction products (b) high sensitivity for low probability events (c) lack of low energy thresholds or cutoffs in measuring reactcion product energy spectcra (d) economical use of accelerator time and (e) simple, portable experimental apparatus allowing broad survey measurements of reaction mechanisms at a variety of nuclear particle accelerators. We describe examples of these advantages from our research in nuclear chemistry.