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  • 1 University of Illinois Department of Nuclear Engineering 103 South Goodwin Ave., 214 Nuclear Engineering Laboratory 61801 Urbana Illinois USA
  • | 2 University of Illinois Department of Computer Science 1304 West Springfield Avenue 61801 Urbana Illinois USA
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We have developed a PC based program for neutron activation data analysis using the FORTRAN and C languages. The routines are based on creating files associated with conventional ORTEC hardware and output software. The main features of the program include radionuclide identification, and the use of semi-automatic integration or the peak fitting SAMPO routine. Other developments are hard and soft copy records for detailed sample identification and particular irradiation, decay and counting procedures. Flux variations, high deadtime corrections, counting geometries, spectral and nuclear interferences, as well as uranium fission interferences are also automatically accounted for. The data output includes concentration values in %, ppm, g or ppb units with associated errors, while detection limits for each individual sample are indicated. Further data output can easily be generated which can be imported to most spreadsheet programs for various statistical uses. A future implementation to the program will include batch-file processing and automated self-absorption calculations for geological samples.