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  • 1 Shizuoka University Radiochemistry Research Laboratory, Faculty of Science 836 Ohya 422 Shizuoka (Japan)
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The values of Sb(III), Tl(I), Te(IV), and biological substance, DNA determined by sub- and super-equivalence method of isotope dilution analysis (SSE-IDA) and substoichiometric isotope dilution analysis (Subst-IDA) under the same condition were compared. From the results, it was proved that SEE-IDA did not need the strict condition necessary for Subst-IDA and the determination by SEE-IDA was possible within the error of a few percent, and the range of determination was wider than that of Subst-IDA. The various variants of SSE-IDA reported so far were classified into SEE-Reverse-IDA and SEE-Direct-IDA. Finally, the characteristics of SEE-IDA allowing accurate determination were discussed and summarized.