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  • 1 Southwest Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry P.O. Box 515-38 610003 Chengdu (P. R. China)
  • | 2 West China University of Medical Sciences Department of Nuclear Medicine 610041 Chengdu (P. R. China)
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Samarium-153-EDTMP (ethylene diamine tetramethylene phosphonate), for its promising biological properties, has been proved as a palliating therapeutic agent for boné cancer in human beings. In this article, we present the results on synthesis and structure analysis of Samarium-153-EDTMP. In a basic medium,153Sm-EDTMP can be readily prepared with a complexing yield not less than 98%, and it is confirmed that the ratio of the ligand to Sm is 11, and the charge of153Sm-EDTMP is negative two.