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  • 1 Academia Sinica Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research P.O. Box 800-204 Shanghai (China)
  • 2 Suzhou University Chemistry Departments Suzhou (China)
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Extraction of uranium(VI), thorium(IV) from nitric acid has been studied with N-octylcaprolactam and N-(2-ethyl)hexylcaprolactam. Distribution coefficients of U(VI), Th(IV) and HNO3 as a function of aqueous NHO3 concentration, extractant concentration and temperature have been studied. The compositions of extracted species, thermodynamic parameters of extraction have been evaluated. Third phase formation in extraction of U(VI) has been studied. Back extraction behavior of U(VI) and Th(IV) from the organic phase has also been tested. The results obtained are compared with those obtained by using TBP under the same experimental conditions.