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  • 1 Poznch Technical University Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering Pl. Skłodowskiej-Curie 2 60-965 Poznań (Poland)
  • 2 University of Hannover Hannover (Germany)
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Potassium leakage was studied in liquid membrane systems containing various emulsifiers and compared with emulsion, stability in the storage test. The effects of various parameters upon emulsion stability and the leakage of standard traces are discussed. The transfer of cations can be caused by emulsion breaking, by transport with the specific carrier and/or with surfactants used as emulsifiers. The latter case becomes especially important when hydrophilic surfactants, e.g. ones containing polyoxyethylene chains, are present in liquid membranes. In systems containing hydrophobic emulsifiers the transfer of potassium is relatively low. In each case considered the effect of emulsifiers upon the transfer of the standard tracer should be checked prior to using the leakage test to characterize emulsion stability.