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  • 1 Centro Atómico Ezeiza Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Gerencia de Seguridad Radiológica y Nuclear, División Micro-Radioquímica Casilla de Correo 40 CP. 1802 Buenos Aires Argentina
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The objective of the present work is the estimation of the210Po content in some beverages and in tobacco, in order to assess the corresponding collective doses to the population in Argentina. Yerba mate, tea leaves, their infusions and ground coffee were analyzed, as well as tobacco. Collective doses due to the annual consumption of the beverages described were found to be from 6 man.Sv to 1200 man.Sv. Results for210Po in tobacco ranged from 10 Bq·kg–1 to 80 Bq·kg–1. Lung doses due to the use of tobacco vary from 75 Sv·y–1 to 600 Sv·y–1.