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  • 1 Université Louis Pasteur Laboratoire de Microbiologie, URA CNRS 1481, Institut Le Bel F-67000 Strasbourg France
  • | 2 Centre de Recherches Nucléaires et Université Louis Pasteur Laboratoire de Chimie Nucléaire B.P. 20 F-67037 Strasbourg France
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Biosorption of Th4+ and UO 22+ ions, both separately and in mixed equimolar ratio, was carried out using nitrate-buffered solutions of the cations at pH 1 in the presence of 5%w/w non-proliferative cell suspensions of Mycobacterium smegmatis. At equilibrium following a 3 h treatment, specific adsorption for 2 mM Th and U was, respectively, 102 and 115 mol g–1 dry biomass for individual solutions and 102 and 42 mol g–1 for the mixed 2/2 mM solution. Desorption studies of the cation-loaded biomass preparations in aqueous media and in soilbacterial suspensions within the pH range <1 to 11 showed that leaching of throium was generally less than 1% at pH 1–11 after 7 d, whereas uranium was leached to the extent of 2% at pH 1 and up to 10% under the same conditions in Th–U mixtures.