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  • 1 U.S.T.H.B. Institut de Physique Algiers Algeria
  • 2 C.D.T.N., H.C.R. Algiers Algeria
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The (n,p), (n,), (n,2n), (n,np), and (n,n) reaction cross sections on24Mg, 227Al,28,29,30Si,35,37Cl,45Sc,46Ti,56Fe,58,61Ni,92Mo,107Ag,113,115In and197Au target nuclei have been measured for En=14.73±0.05 MeV neutrons using the activation technique. The induced -ray activities of the irradiated samples and their monitor foils were measured using a HPGe detector. The cross sections are compared with existing results. The experimental uncertainties between 3% and 10% in most cases are generally smaller than those given by other authors.