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  • 1 University of Uyo Department of Physics P.M.B. 1017 Uyo Nigeria
  • 2 University of Uyo Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry P.M.B. 1017 Uyo Nigeria
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A survey of the environmental radioactivity in the Eastern States of Nigeria, consisting of Akwa Ibom and Corss River States has been done and that of Uyo (5°N, 7°50E), Nigeria, has been updated for the period of 1981 to 1991. An overall average of 329.7±13.3 mBq is the environmental radioactivity for the surrounding air in Akwa Ibom State, while 348.5±13.7 mBq is the activity for the air in Cross River State. There has been a marked increase of average environmental radioactivity in Uyo from 293.0±12.6 mBq to 373.7±14.8 mBq in recent years with a yearly mean of 324.1±13.7 mBq.