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  • 1 International Atomic Energy Agency P.O. Box 100 0-1400 Vienna (Austria)
  • 2 Interfaculty Reactor Institute Delft Netherlands
  • 3 Institute of Nuclear Research Debrecen Hungary
  • 4 Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research Shanghai China
  • 5 Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy Sofia Bulgaria
  • 6 University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine Tokyo Japan
  • 7 Central Institute of Nuclear Research Dresden Germany
  • 8 Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neurosciences Tokyo Japan
  • 9 University of Bergen Institute of Anatomy Bergen Norway
  • 10 National Institute of Radiological Sciences Ibaraki Japan
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During a five-year period, the International Atomic Energy Agency supported a Coordinated Research Programme (CRP) to investigate the quantitative relationship between internal body burdens of a number of elements of environmental health significance and their respective concentrations in hair. The use of nuclear-related analytical techniques, such as neutron activation analysis, X-ray fluorescence, particle-induced X-ray emission and radiotracers, was emphasized. One aspect of the CRP focused on studies in man, using autopsy cases, of mineral distribution in five tissues, i.e. liver, kidney, lung, brain and bone in addition to hair, and the elements of primary importance were As, Cd, Cu, Hg, Pb, Se and Zn. Emphasis was placed on analytical quality assurance. Hair and internal tissue samples were obtained from subjects from Bulgaria, China, the former German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Japan, Norway and Sweden.