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  • 1 University Hospital Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology De Pintelaan 185 B-9000 Ghent Belgium
  • | 2 Institute for Nuclear Sciences Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Ghent Belgium
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Strontium is a trace element whose distribution and metabolism are similar to those of calcium, its close chemical analogue. The element received scientific attention because of its potential beneficial effects in the treatment of osteoporosis andosteolytic metastatic bone lesions but also because of the possible problems associated with the retention of90Sr from radioactive fall-out. In continuation of a series of experiments intended to establish reliable reference values for trace elements in human blood serum and packed blood cells, we set up a project to determine also strontium. The following values were obtained (mean±standard deviation): 22.2±4.8 ng/ml (serum) and 2.85±1.11 ng/g wet weight (packed blood cells).