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  • 1 LNETI-Instituto de Ciências e Engeharia Nucleares P-2685 Sacavém (Portugal)
  • | 2 Gent University Institute for Nuclear Sciences (INW), Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry Proeftuinstr. 86 B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
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The Ree contents in lichens and plants determined by k0-standardized NAA with LEPD and HPGe are compared. We obtain similar values for Sm, Eu, Tb and Yb and better values for Ce and Nd by using LEPD Besides, LEPD allows the determination of Gd, Tm and Lu. The study of REE concentrations in the neighbourhood of two coal power stations show that: i) in the station under construction (C. T. Pego), the index of accumulation of each REE by the lichens and olive tree leaves is identical in two sampling loci where the soils have different REE concentration; and ii) in the station in operation (C. T. Sines), the REE contents in the soils is identical and the differences observed in the lichens and wild terrestrial plants are most probably due to the fly-ashes emmission from the station.