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  • 1 Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares Coordinación de Proyectos Especiales Sierra Mojada 447 Lomas de Barrilaco 11 000 México D. F. (México)
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In order to determine the best conditions for removing95Zr from uranium/hydrogen carbonate solutions, the adsorption behavior of fission product95Zr on hydrated MnO2 as a function of HCO 3 ion molarity has been studied both in the presence and absence of uranium. Batch experiments showed that the maximum95Zr uptake occurred at low HCO 3 concentration, both in uranium-free and uranium (at a constant molarity of 0.02) containing solutions, the relative95Zr uptake being lower when uranium was present in the solution. Conversely, when the HCO 3 concentration augmented beyond 0.10M, the95Zr uptake was higher for the uranium containing solution. Concerning this last case, the maximum95Zr uptake was found at a 0.06M HCO 3 concentration. However at this HCO 3 concentration, uranium was observed to precipitate and thus, a HCO 3 concentration of 0.12M was chosen to perform the dynamic95Zr removal by MnO2 from uranium/hydrogen carbonate solutions. Under these conditions, the95Zr removal reached 99%.