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  • 1 Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Department of Nuclear Physical Chemistry, Radioactive Contamination of Environment Research Laboratory 152 Radzikowskiego st. PL 31-342 Cracow (Poland)
  • 2 International Atomic Energy Agency Laboratories Seibersdorf Chemistry Unit A-2444 Seibersdorf (Austria)
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Strontium-90, plutonium and americium activity concentrations in a few samples of forest soils, some species of mushrooms and fern leaves have been determined. These results are compared with cesium activity concentrations in the same materials obtained in a previous work. Radiochemical procedures are described. The origin of the contamination (Chernobyl accident or nuclear test explosion release) is discussed. The90Sr activity concentration ranges from 0.6 Bq/kg (mushroom samples) to 48.4 Bq/kg (fern leaves). For239+240Pu, it ranges from not detected above background (mushrooms, fern) to 10.8 Bq/kg (humus layer of forest soil). The maximum concentration of241Am is found to be 2.4 Bq/kg (humus sample) and for238Pu it is 0.85 Bq/kg (also in the humus sample).