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  • 1 China Institute of Atomic Energy P.O. Box 275-50 Beijing (China)
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The Effective Interaction Depth (EID) law has been systematically studied and applied to parametric normalization for peak count rates obtained at different source-detector distances (S-D). The errors caused by EID normalization are less than 4% over the full range of S-D (from to several mm) for true coincidence-free -rays. Parametric corrections for the true coincidence (summing) effect are also established, based on simplified decay schemes and P/T ratio determinations. The total response of Ge detector for single-energy -rays (T) is clearly defined with scattering contributions from surroundings included. Errors from summing effect corrections are also less than 4%. The combined EID normalization and summing effect corrections give an error no greater than 5.7% for the worst situations (several mm S-D and cascade-crossover decay scheme), acceptable for most practical K0 NAA.