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  • 1 Warsaw University Department of Chemistry Źwirki i Wigury 101 02-089 Warsaw (Poland)
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Hydrogen isotope effect in the exchange reaction between HCl 2 anions in tetramethyl- and tetraethylammonium hydrogen dichloride salts and gaseous HCl has been determined over the temperature range of 273–308 K. Unsymmetrical HCl 2 anions in the tetramethylammonium salt generate deuterium separation factors between 0.87 and 0.93, while those for symmetrical HCl 2 anion in the tetraethylammonium salt fall in the range of 0.64–0.76. The former are in good agreement with the theoretical values, while the latter are apparently higher than those predicted by theory. These discrepancies are caused mainly by the presence of more complicated species such as H2Cl 3 ions.