Authors: P. Jagam, J. Wang and J. Simpson
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  • 1 SNO Collaboration Guelph-Waterloo Program for Graduate Work in Physics NIG 2W1 Guelph Ontario (Canada)
  • 2 University of Guelph Department of Physics NIG 2W1 Guelph Ontario (Canada)
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Improvements in the detection limits of thorium and uranium in acrylics by neutron activation analysis are described. The average of results from 10 g samples was found to be higher than the results from 450 g samples taken from the same acrylic sheet. Using eighteen large (450 g) samples from a single sheet of acrylic gave an average value of 3.2±0.3 pg/g thorium and 1.1±0.7 pg/g uranium. Interpretation of the results is discussed. Epithermal neutron activation with Cd shielded irradiations did not improve the detection sensitivity for thorium.