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  • 1 Tianjin University Department of Chemical Engineering 300072 Tianjin (P. R. China)
  • 2 National Water Research Institute L7R 4A6 Burlington Ontario (Canada)
  • 3 Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Engineering & Metallurgy CNNC 101149 (P. R. China)
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The aim of this paper is to consider using effective natural minerals in studying the retardation and migration of radium under the influence of groundwater in the far-field of a radioactive waste repository. The properties of adsorbing radium by minerals are studied by adopting the static and dynamic adsorption method. Preliminary experimental results give confidence in the validity of using Maifanshih and barite to adsorb radium in water and to serve as effective retarding materials in radioactive waste repositories, their Kd values being 3815 and 2955, respectively. The study on a certain number of conditions of adsorbing radium by the promissing material Maifanshih is reported for the first time. The mechanism of radium adsorption has been discussed and modeling of migration of radium in the minerals has been presented to establish a rational basis for the longterm prediction required for safety assessment of underground disposal of radioactive waste.