Author: K. Ito 1
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  • 1 Tohoku University Institute for Advanced Materials Processing Katahira-2, Aoba-ku 980 Sendai (Japan)
  • 2 Tohoku University Research Institute of Mineral Dressing and Metallurgy Japan
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Separation of technetium(VII) from uranium(VI) has been studied through experiments on the coprecipitation of technetium(VII) with precipitation of ammonium diuranate, and on the extraction of technetium(VII) from a 3M aqueous nitric acid solution using, as extractant, a primary amine (Primene JMT) dissolved in either chloroform or n-heptane solution. Ammonium diuranate precipitation proved to provide the most satisfactory means of separating technetium(VII) from uranium(VI) in solution. Extraction of technetium(VII) contained in nitric acid solution using Primene JMT dissolved in n-heptane solution proved to be quantitative after several cycles of the procedure and alternatively, upon raising to 51 the volume ratio between the organic phase containing the extractant and the aqueous phase containing technetium(VII). Stripping of technetium(VII) into 2M aqueous ammonium carbonate solution was enhanced to quantitative level by repetition of the stripping procedure, and alternatively, by adding the ammonium carbonate in a volume ratio of 51 with respect to the organic phase containing technetium(VII).