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  • 1 Tokyo, Metropolitan University Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Radioisotope Research Center Minami-ohsawa 192-03 Hachioji, Tokyo Japan
  • | 2 Showa College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Higashi-tamagawagakuen 194 Machida, Tokyo Japan
  • | 3 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Department of Chemistry Tokai-mura 319-11 Ibaraki Japan
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Mixed-valence states of57Fe-atoms produced after EC-decay of57Co in oxo-centered trinuclear cobalt-iron carboxylates have been studied by means of emission Mössbauer spectroscopy. The emission Mössbauer spectra show nearly the same temperature dependence of the mixed-valence state as found in the absorption Mössbauer spectra of the corresponding trinuclear iron carboxylates. The results indicate that most of the decayed atoms keep their position at the sites of original57Co atoms.