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  • 1 Radioisotope Production Department Cairo Egypt
  • | 2 Atomic Energy Establishment Nuclear Chemistry Department, Nuclear Research Centre P.O. Code 13759 Cairo Egypt
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The preparation of insoluble 12-molybdocerate(IV) from99Mo of low specific activity, produced by thermal neutron irradiation of MoO3, is described. Samples of the material are dried at 50, 100 and 200°C and used as column matrices from which the generated99mTc activity is periodically eluted with saline solution or saline solution containing 5·10–5M K2CrO4 as an oxidant. The elution yields of99mTc are high and reproducible (95–81%) with radionuclidic purity 99.98%. Both chemical and radiochemical purity (as TcO 4 ) of the eluates decrease with increasing drying temperature of the column matrix. Using chromated saline solution as eluent improves the radiochemical purity of the99mTc eluate.