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  • 1 University of Patras Department of Chemistry, Radiochemistry Laboratory GR 26110 Patras Greece
  • | 2 University of Patras Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Processes P.O. Box 1239 GR 26110 Patras Greece
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The formation of barium sulfate in aqueous media causes problems of insoluble scale formation. On the other hand, the coprecipitation of uranium and transuranium elements with barium sulfate has been suggested for the determination of these elements in environmental monitoring processes. Therefore, the study of barium sulfate crystal growth is required. The investigations done so far suffer from the low sensitivity of the analytical methods used. In the present work we have overcome this problem by using131Ba for the preparation of supersaturated solutions. Thus kinetics parameters such as induction time and precipitation rates were measured. The polynuclear mechanism was found to be operative at high and the spiral growth at low supersaturations.