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  • 1 Nuclear Research Institute Řež plc 250 68 Řež (Czech Republic)
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During the vitrification of medium-activity liquid wastes simulating the wastes from nuclear power plant aerosols are formed that enter into the gas pumped off from the vitrification furnace. The dependence of solid-aerosol carryover on the parameters characterizing the glass composition and its eluability were investigated in laboratory scale experiments. The aerosol carryover was determined either gravimetrically or radiometrically using radioactive tracers.137Cs with a carrier was added to the wastes and the aerosol carryover was determined by following the137Cs activity. In the case of the137Cs-labeled aerosol it was observed that a higher alkali content in the melted wastes results in a higher carryover of the137Cs-labeled aerosol. Using a multicomponent laboratory gas cleaning system a decontamination factor of 6.7·106 was achieved for the removal of the137Cs-labeled aerosol from the gas pumped off from the vitrification furnace.