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  • 1 Indian Institute of Technology Department of Chemistry 208 016 Kanpur (India)
  • 2 I.I.T. Kanpur Department of Nuclear Engineering and Technology 208 016 India
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Using radiotracer solutions of Hg (203Hg) and Os (185Os), techniques have been developed for sampling these elements presumably suitable for ion probe measurements. Mercury has been electrodeposited on the cross-sectional area (5 mm2) of an electrochemically pure Cu wire giving a recovery 25 to 30% at the tip. Similar efficiency is found for Hg distillate solutions. Osmium has been collected in a Ni–NiS bead after loading its thiourea complex solution on filter paper. The recovery in the bead is 80–90%. These methods should be of help for isotopic study of these elements by ion microprobe. The suitability of these samples for measurements remains unconfirmed.