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  • 1 Utkal University Department of Chemistry Bhubaneswar-751004 Vani Vihar (India)
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Quantitative extraction of uranium(VI) is observed from 0.2M HCl by 5% (v/v) Cyanex 301. The extraction decreases with increasing acid concentration. Mixtures of Cyanex 301 with tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP), didecyl sulfoxide (DDSO) and Alamine 308 result in significant synergism in the extraction process, where a species of the type UO2R2. L is proposed to be extracted [RH=Cyanex 301 and L=TBP, DDSO or Alamine 308]. Significant extraction of uranium(VI) by 5% (v/v) Alamine 308 is observed at and above 2M HCl, which increases with further increase in acidity attaining a maximum at 6M, after which a slight decrease in extration is observed. Mixtures of Alamine 308 with TBP or DDSO result in a synergism, where a species of the type (R 3 NH)2 UO2Cl4. Lis extracted. [R 3 N=Alamine 308, L=TBP or DDSO]. Mixtures of Alamine 308 and Cyanex 301 at 2M HCl result in a profound antagonism in the extraction of uranium(VI).