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  • 1 University of Illinois, 214 Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Department of Nuclear Engineering 103 South Goodwin Avenue 61801 Urbana IL (USA)
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Bromine can be determined by neutron activation analysis (NNA) through either the activation of79Br (50.69% naturally abundant) or81Br (49.31% naturally abundant). When79Br is activated, both80mBr and80Br are produced.80mBr (4.42 h) decays to80Br (17.66 m) which then beta decays to either80Se or80Kr. If one would like to determine bromine concentrations with short lived NAA, special equations must be used to account for the parent daughter relationship between80mBr after their simultaneous production. The development of the equations needed to calculate bromine concentrations with short-lived NAA is described including variations on irradiation times, decay times, and count times.