Authors: S. Chen, S. Ambe 1 , and F. Ambe 1
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  • 1 Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) Wako-shi 351-01 Saitama Japan
  • | 2 South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Academia Sinica 510301 Guangzhou China
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Iron foil was irradiated with an 80 MeV/nucleon16O-ion beam. The foil was dissolved in hydrochloric acid, and Fe2+ in the solution was oxidized to Fe3+ with hydrogen peroxide. The solution was diluted to 6M in HCl and was passed through an anion exchange column. Washing with 6M HCl yielded a carrier- and salt-free multitracer solution covering radioactive nuclides of elements from sodium to manganese.