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  • 1 Russian Academy of Science Institute of Physical Chemistry Leninsky pr., 31, 117915 V-312 Moscow Russia
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A kientic isotope effect in Pu(V) disproportionation in nitric acid solutions have been observed in a heterogeneous system with phenyloctylphosphonic acid deposited on hydrophobized silicagel. The isotope separation coefficient for242Pu/239Pu isotopes was found to be 1.022 at 25°C. The rate constant of Pu(V) disproportionation in this heterogeneous system was determined to be 5.0±0.6 12mol–2s–1 at 25°C, [HNO3]= 0.87–1.5 mol l–1 and 11 phase ratio (10% extractant on the support).