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  • 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Radiochemistry Division 400 085 Trombay, Bombay India
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The determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine and sulphur contents for characterization of plutonium complexes with organic ligands have been standardized and glove box adopted. Various plutonium(IV) mono- and di-carboxylates, plutonium(IV) chelates with pyrazolones, UO 2++ and PuO 2++ complexes having pyrazolones as chelating agent and sulfoxides, amides and phosphine oxide ligands as oxodonors; uranium carbides and uranium nitrides and several potential organic extractants for actinides were analyzed satisfactorily. All these methods set up in double module glove box train are extremely useful for a low budget radioactive laboratory engaged in research in solid actinide complexes.