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  • 1 Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares Departamento de Química Col. Escandón, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo A. P. 18-1027 C. P. 11801 México D.F.
  • 2 Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa Departamento de Química Michoacán Esq. Purísima, Iztapalapa A. P. 55-532 C. P. 09340 México D. F.
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Co2+ ion exchange, at room temperature, from aqueous cobalt — sodium chloride solutions with NaY zeolite has been studied. The effect of contact time on the shape of the sorption curves of Co2+ using zeolite Y dehydrated at 600°C is similar to the one found in our previous work with a zeolite dehydrated at 150 °C. A fast sorption uptake is observed in which 1.8 meq of Na+ ions/g of zeolite are replaced by cobalt ions followed by a desorption process where the uptake decreases to 1.2 meq/g zeolite. The Co2+ sorption using zeolite Y dehydrated at 600 °C is increased when ethylenediamine solution is passed through the zeolite. The Co2+ sorption uptake, initially 2.0 meq/g, incrases to 2.8 meq/g of zeolite. This behavior is explained by the location and coordination of cobalt in zeolite Y sites. It is suggested that the highest uptake process is due to the blocking of zeolite sites by a Co complex compound.