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  • 1 Urbino University Institute of General Chemistry P.zza Rinascimento 6 61029 Urbino Italy
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Suitable separation techniques were prepared for actinide,90Sr and226Ra determinations in environmental and industrial samples. Extraction chromatography with tri-n-octylphosphine oxide (TOPO) and di(2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid (HDEHP) solutions was used. IN some cases, a powder of Microthene (Microporous polyethylene) supporting solid TOPO was prepared thus obtaining a material showing better storing and column preparation features.Uranium and226Ra were determined in phosphorites, phosphoric acid and phosphogypsum.Uranium, thorium and226Ra were also measured in the low specific activity scales of hydrocarbon production equipment:226Ra was found to concentrate in some parts of the plant so causing a radiation protection problem.Plutonium and90Sr were measured either in some Mediterranean Sea samples or in environmental samples collected in Antarctica. Some interesting sea sediment profiles were also obtained.All the chemical methods were verified by: a) adding some yield tracers (232U,228Th,242Pu); b) analyzing some certified samples supplied by IAEA and NIST; c) participating in some international intercomparison runs; d) using, when possible, both an analytical and a radiometric method and e) following the radioactivity decay or growth (90Y and226Ra).