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  • 1 Delft University of Technology Interfaculty Reactor Institute Mekelweg 15 2629 JB Delft The Netherlands
  • 2 Netherlands Energy Research Foundation P.O. Box 1 1755 ZG Petten The Netherlands
  • 3 Apollostraat 20 1746 AG Dirkshorn The Netherlands
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Two methods are presented for a fast, accurate and precise determination of210Pb in industrial samples with a calcium-phosphate and-sulphate matrix. One method combinessolid-liquid extraction on a Pb-selective column Sr*Spec (Eichrom) with gamma-ray spectrometry of210Pb and can be applied to samples >10 g for aselective210Pb determination. The yield is determined gravimetrically. The detection limit is 380 mBq for a 24 h counting period. The other method combineschromatography on Sr*Spec with liquid scintillation counting of210Pb for asensitive210Pb determination and can be applied to samples of up to 1 g. The yield is determined on-line by the UV signal of PbEDTA. The detection limit is 70 mBq for a 2 h counting period. Aspects of accuracy, precision, selectivity, sensitivity and the application of both methods to phosphogypsum and phosphate ores are presented.