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  • 1 Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) P. O. Box 3-6 32500 Lung-Tan Taiwan
  • 2 Taiwan Radiation Monitoring Center (TRMC) 823, Cherng-Ching Road 83305 Kaohsiung Taiwan (Republic of China)
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This study was performed under the joint TRMC/INER program for the determination of low level85Kr and133Xe concentrations in the environmental air samples. Based on cryogenic adsorption of krypton and xenon on charcoal followed by chromatographic separation from other gases, the85Kr and133Xe recovered from 200 liters of atmospheric air can be determined by either on-line gas flow proportional counter or liquid scintillation counting. The recovery yields of krypton and xenon examined by using85Kr and133Xe tracers were nearly 100%. The minimum detectable activity of85Kr and133Xe by gas flow proportional counting is about 7.40 Bq. The method is satisfactory for environmental monitoring applications under abnormal conditions of nuclear facilities. However, for lower level environmental85Kr and133Xe measurements, the liquid scintillation counting method can be applied due to their extremely low detection limits (i.e. 0.107 Bq and 0.093 Bq for85Kr and133Xe, respectively). Using this method, the measurable limits of concentrations are 0.535 Bq/m3 and 0.466 Bq/m3 for85Kr and133Xe, respectively.