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  • 1 University and INFN Milano Accelerators and Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, LASA via F.lli Cervi 201 20090 Segrate, Milano Italy
  • | 2 CRAA, CNR and INFN Pavia Centre for Radiochemistry and Activation Analysis via Taramelli 12 27100 Pavia Italy
  • | 3 University of Ferrara Dept. General Chemistry Ferrara Italy
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High Specific Activity Radio-Nuclides (HSARN) are a powerful tool to label a large range of chemical species at very low concentration levels. In order to obtain these radiotracers in a very high specific activity form, it is necessary to optimize the production methods, to separate and purify them from the irradiated target without the addition of inactive carrier, to carry out a series of analytical and radioanalytical tests to determine their true specific activity and to verify a series of purity parameters. A review of irradiation methods and nuclear parameters adopted in our laboratories for the preparation of some tens of radiotracers are presented.